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You can lose stubborn fat – not by dieting but by eating clean.  Just by eating the right Super Foods, in the right proportions at the right time, you can change your personal image permanently!


The Clean Eating Coaching System

Gives You Back Your Health, Your Energy and Your Life.



"This is not a Fad Diet Program.”


  You Will Learn What It Takes To Get That Lean Look You Always Wanted!



This Is Why You Are Having A Tough Time Figuring It Out...

Do You Know What Is Going On Inside Your Body?

How Are You Supposed To Make Changes That Affect It Positively? 

By Letting Us Do The Research And Tell You What To Do, That's How.

Let Us Simplify All The Technical Stuff For You And Teach You How To Do This Yourself. 

It's Not Hard.

Blaming Yourself, It's Not Your Fault...We Will Tell You Why And Show You How You Have Been Led Down One Bad Path After Another... 

You Just Need The Right Information



Not Some Gimmick Or Fad.


his program will change your life forever! It is designed to teach you how to eat, when to eat and what to eat.  No more guessing when you need proteins, what kinds of carbohydrates you should eat and which fats are good and which ones are bad.  By following our instructions we leave all the guesswork out of it.

Our Program will detox your body, shape you up and promote the right habits if…


Checkmark You are just beggining your nutritional exploration and have 100 pounds or more of fat to lose.
Checkmark You have started to read and learn about how to eat and have begun to lose some weight but you are unsure of which direction to go into next.
Checkmark You have been following one or more programs, have not had any luck and have become more confused than when you started.
Checkmark You are reaching your first goal weight and need to start fine tuning your body to reach new levels.
Checkmark You want the confidence and great feeling you get when you are in shape and the level of success that comes with it.
Checkmark You have bombed out of other diet programs because they were too difficult to follow.
Checkmark You have had your fair share of processed food, fast food and chemistry experiments.
Checkmark You have had enough of magazine articles, supplement advertising and bad websites that steer you in the wrong direction.
Checkmark You don't have the knowledge required to adequately make decisions about your health and weight loss.
Checkmark You are sick and tired of talking to so called professionals that don't practice what they preach.




 What Causes Us To Repeat And Make The Same Nutritional
And Dietary Mistakes Over And Over Again?

A review of 10 of the nation's most popular weight-loss programs found that none of them actually worked long term.  The research (1) that was published by the Annals of Internal Medicine suggested that the best dietary program showed only a 5% (about 10 pounds) weight loss after 6 months on the program.  Long-term all of the programs showed weight returning to previous levels except for the best program where individuals were able to keep off half of the 10 pounds (5 pounds long term).   None of them offer proof that they actually work at helping people shed pounds and keep them off.

Why is that? 

Diet companies design their diets not to work long term to insure a future source of revenue!

You see they know how we think...we are creatures of habit and we wear our physchology on our sleeves.  The typical weight loss candidate will try a new dietary program with renewed vigor and effort each time.  Studies have shown that if we just pay attention to what we eat and reduce our intake we begin to lose some weight but eventually we all begin to tire of our programs and return to old habits because we never really learned how to eat.  Instead we were just told what to do or even worse just given our food in rationed proportions. 

But the diet companies know this and count on this.  They understand that if they can get you to stick to the program even with diminishing adherence over 12-16 weeks you will have lost weight and considered it a successful experience.




 Next the problem begins to show itself.  As you get away from the preprogrammed diet they had you on, you slowly begin to regain the weight you lost.  The problem with this is that you don't know how you lost the weight because you were merely following their programmed directions or eating their science experiments to get to your goal.  After some period of time it is likely you gained all the weight back and then some.  A phenomonom known as "yo-yo" dieting.

The main reason for the weight gain is lack of knowledge on how to eat and maintain healthy body composition, and a lack of attention to the muscular tissue retention and hormonal imbalances that contributed to the weight gain in the first place.

In our mind the cycle for true measurement is too short.  The measure of success is long-term not the short-term that you are on the program.  Because if you can't maintain your weight loss then the program is much like putting a bandaid on a gushing wound, it is only temporary.  We propose that a nutritional program must start and finish with a new way to sustain optimal body composition.  It can't just work while you are on it, and it must be a program that does not change in the long run.  In other words it is not a diet but a healthy nutrition and lifestyle program that is resonable and can be maintained permanently.


 So one day you look down at your belly and notice that you are not only back to the old notch in the belt, you need to go one wider and you wonder what happened.  You decide that this needs to change and you quickly go over in your head how you lost the weight the first time. You remember that you felt successful on that last program because on the day you finished it you had lost weight and felt better about yourself than you do now so it must work.

So like a salmon swimming back upstream each year to spawn you swim back up the weight loss curve to where you started to repeat the process that the dietary companies are counting on you to do.  This insures their repeat business year in and year out.


 So you start the program all over again and repeat the results but each and every time you end up regaining the weight and getting heavier and heavier with each attempt.  They know this and the diets are designed this way...its good for business.



 Repeating a behavior and expecting a different outcome is the definition of INSANITY!

With the Clean Eating Coaching Program you won't just get another diet but a nutritional system that you can follow for life.  You will get real and practical applications of how to change your habits and control your body composition permanently.  We call our system the 15/25 Nutritional Program.

The core of our program revolves around one of the most researched hormones in the body; INSULIN.  By using insulin control we gain an advantage over the body's fat storage mechanisms.  Second we will create an optimal environment for other hormonal patterns in the body to insure optimal body composition.

You see, weight gain or loss is a factor of the hormones and neurotransmitter balances in your body chemistry (2).  Research bears this out over and over again.  A study dating back to 1985 showed that tissue concentrations of various hormones and steroids in the body were positively correlated with adipose (fat) tissue deposits as well as plasma concentrations. (3)

So why isn't anybody putting this information to use? 

Well they are.  The top trainers and nutritionists are using this information to train elite athletes and Olympians.  Endocrinologist use these concepts with their diabetic patients.  Animals are fed this way as many of them have similar hormonal patterns as humans. So why is this such a secret?  Because it is not as sexy as a magic pill, a grapefruit diet or the next wonder drug that doesn't work.  In addition, once you have this information you won't need anyone's diet program again, you will always have the educated backdrop of the knowledge of exactly how your body works and how to influence its patterns.

 Is This Another "No Carbohydate" Diet?

No this is a "Right Carbohydrate" diet but more importantly this is a hormonally intelligent nutritional program.  Our genetic structures have barely changed over thousands of years but our habits have.  We applied known research about the body's chemistry and  the knowledge of how our genetic makeup works and molded it around the lifestyle patterns, foods and habits of 21st century living.  This means that you will have to change some habits but you won't find our program as rigid and strict as some of the diets you are familiar with.  The reason for this is we are looking for lifetime compliance, not just 12 weeks.  We view the 12 weeks as the amount of time we have to teach you how to live once you start into week 13.

Additionally we don't focus exclusively on carbohydrates but we emphasize the right quantity and type of proteins and fats that are essential for supporting your body chemistry and making sure that your metabolic system is supported properly.  Proteins are essential to all the tissues of the body, to create antibodies for the immune system, to make enzymes for proper food digestion, to produce peptide hormones such as insulin and neurotransmitters and numerous metabolic functions and to build muscle tissue to increase metabolic burn rate. 

Fats are also essential to proper metabolic function and are instrumental is tissue membrane functions, healthy brain and neurotransmitter control and as building blocks for essential hormones.

Without Key Information You Will Never Lose The Weight And Keep It Off...  

  • There are two key fats that our bodies cannot produce that we must eat in order to not be in jeapordy of destroying our health and most individuals with typical western diets are completely depleted of this essential macro nutrient.
  • Our bodies produce new tissues cells constantly.  In order for our DNA to accomplish this task and we must have all 20 amino acids present in the body at the same time or the process stops and cell degeneration and catabolism starts.  We can produce 11 of these amino acids but 9 of them we must obtain from our foods or key metabolic functions begin breaking down.
  • Our tissue cells are constantly taking up glucose from our bloodstream for our energy needs.  But this process is highly dependent on the timing of your 24 hour cycle to insure that they are stored for muscular energy and not stored as fat.  You can be overeating and gaining weight yet your tissue cells are starving for energy.  Nutrient timing as well as type and quality of our carbohydrates is key to combating both weight gain and fatigue.
  • Calorie counting only gives you a ball park idea of how to meet your energy needs.  Since some macronutrients can use as much as 30% of their caloric energy for digestion you may not be getting as much nourishment to your cells as you think and may be able to eat more than you think.
  • Reducing calories below a certain minimum level which is calculated differently for everyone can actually cause your body to go into a survival mode and preserve fat rather than burn it and use highly metabolic muscle tissue for energy needs reducing your resting metabolic rate and setting you up for plateus and yo-yo diet results.
  •  Fat deposits are indeed genetic and you can't spot reduce through exercise but our gentics are turned on and off by our environment which includes our nutritional habits and lifestyle. We can tell from body fat deposit locations which hormones may be unbalanced and what nutritional and supplementation program as well as lifestyle habits are contributing to your specific fat deposit accumulations.



By UltraFit Systems - Licensed and Certified Members of


Graduates and Institutes of Study:


 Dear Friend,

 If you are reading this you are probably feeling the same way as most individuals who have had their weight creep up on them over the years. Your physical conditioning is probably almost non-existant and your lifestyle is packed with busy meetings and family requirements while the economy and your career have your stress factors dialed up to "maximum". Combine that with the worst food system we may have ever seen since man walked the earth and it's no wonder you can't lose any weight.

To make matters worse, you didn't come with an owners manual and while they were busy teaching you about science, grammar, math and geography in school there was nobody to explain to you just how your body, its nutritional needs and its affects on health really work!

Everything we do is fast and processed, everything is programmed to cater to solving our needs to squeeze more time out of the day but not to optimize how we are able to function during that time. The result is that we get more lathargic, less smart (yes I mean a lower I.Q.), less efficient and more likely to die early and spend more time treating sickness and diseases our entire life. 

How is it saving time to eat frozen processed foods or fast foods or highly processed packaged foods if you are going to spend more time:

  • sick
  • more time with low energy and needing to sleep more
  • less able to get up in the morning well rested and ready to attack the day
  • less intelligent while at work and therefor less efficient in completing tasks
  • more tired during the afternoon yawning from a bad lunch and needing to take a nap
  • more trips to the doctor for colds, flus and viruses and more need to take time off work
  • less longevity as obesity related diseases may take 3-20 years off of your life span
  • and last but not least, less quality time with your friends and family

 In short eating fast and eating poorly robs your energy and your life from you.  We are going to teach you how to get this back!

Our program is backed by many years of both real life application and research performed at major universities and labs all over the world.  It is grounded in the fundamentals of physiology and chemistry.  It is based on the latest knowledge we have of how your body works, not some gimmick intended to somehow fool you into thinking its working.  If you can't lose weight and get healthy the way we teach you then you will never get healthy because this is the path.





Hi, I’m Dean Bozzano

I’m a  Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Certified Precision Nutrition Practitioner, Certified BioSignature Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer and the founder of the Clean Eating Coaching Program.

In addition to that I have both a bachelors and a Masters degrees, a second major in Pre-Med and I am half way through a second Masters degree as we speak.

I tell you this not to try and impress you but to show you I have not only studied and learned the science behind everything I am going to tell you but I know how to research and find an answer to a complicated process.  This is important if you are to be successful in this program.



Dean Bozzano


Young or Old…Male or female… Beginner or Advanced…It makes no difference!



Janine Lost 22lbs Of Fat…While Enjoying Every Meal She Ate.

I started the Clean Eating Coaching Program in late August. It was the best decision I have ever made, health wise in my life.  Dean took over an hour just to get to know me and to get to know my goals and what I wanted to accomplish. Not only that but helped teach me how to eat clean. Since I started I have lost 20 pounds of fat! I still have plenty to go but with the help and support of the Clean Eating Coaching Program I KNOW I will succeed! On those days where I think OMG I am never going to lose this weight he is there to say YES YOU WILL!  As they state "CAN'T" is not in our vocabulary! Dean is also like a psychologist always listening to all my woes! He is just a great person! I tell everyone how happy I am to be a member, don't wait to be a part of the Clean Eating gang!  So if you’re not signed up somewhere or even if you are, like I was SIGN UP today! It will be the best thing you will ever do for your body and mind!!!!

Janine McBrayer





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"I want you to succeed"

I want you to have long lean muscles…smooth curves…a 21st century look…And a new way to view a healthy lifestyle…

Your ability to not only succeed but maintain your weight goals will be within your grasp for the first time ever!

It’s all laid out for you…signup. start reading listening and applying the information we teach you and you will see the pounds drop off faster than you ever thought they would...end of story

The Clean Eating Coaching Program has everything you need to make your goals achievable.  You won't need another thing as we will be your coach and partner during your program.

You will finally make it happen

"I can hardly wait...."

Because you’re getting all this



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